Pierluigi Rossi

Il peso? Dipende

Categoria: Globish

What I want is

What I want is

what I want, nothing new –

sssss… – Fall is falling.



Language yo know,

streaming the same, glu-glu,

take this, this one.


Opzioni imperative

Push or pull.

Laugh or cry.

Come or go.

Love or hate.

Live or die.

Talk or…

shut up.

Not finished

Forever dear was to me

This lonely hill that

Keep out much

Of the last horizon.



…the sound… of silence?…



Here? … Now?… Sure?


Through the words

through the words

through the bodies

all around

so and so


honey, please,

tell me about

your favorite



(Benvenute tutte le osservazioni al mio uso incompetente dell’anglo-americano.)

There was once a mute stone. Every stone, we know, is mute, but this one was the mutest. A man came e walked aroud it, still loking for some words… Nothing to do, the source was dry. This way, the man sat down and waited. No one knows how long he waited, we only know that the stone spoke.


My neck was under my head

and my sight upon my feet… till

this amazing morning.


The angry old man is still

there, standing up

on the window-sill.

I don’t like

(Questa cosa mi costringe a una precisazione. Tra i nuovi gesti culturali, c’è il “like”, il “mi piace”, una faccenda importante – tanto, qualche volta, da prendere fattezze idolatriche…)


I don’t like

the “like”*.


I and they

ask: Why?


Two words:

Be quiet.



*I like Ike, slogan della campagna presidenziale di Eisenhower nel ‘952.